Product Description

We are loving our star shaped pearls! We were immediately drawn to these unique pearls as a complement to our Little Pearl Girls jewelry line but, then we realized, star power can be for adult women too! These Star Power Pearl Earrings take our gorgeous star shaped pearls and drape them in a long dangle earring design. They look great with our Star Power Pearl Necklace!

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So, what got us thinking about "Star Power"? Imagine a world where the girl has the power, the star power. And, we are not talking about some sort of movie star power (unless you mean the really classy old movie stars who we pretend to be when we dress up). We mean the I-wish-on-a-star, I-get-what-I-want, I-can-be-who-I-want-to-be type of power. Because isn't that what we want for our daughters? We want them to have the power to be who they are and the confidence to stand up for themselves and the self-respect to hold their own. Some girls are lucky enough to hold onto their confidence through the years of growing up, others of us have to fight for it everyday. It is our hope that girls and women everywhere can honor their own star power and that is why we created these star pieces.

Given their more mature look, these Star Power Pearl earrings are meant for older teens and women. We hope they can be a super cute earring design for your wearing pleasure and a chance for you to express a little of your own star power, too!

Rock on!!


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