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Product Description

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How about some fabulous ear-bobs? These Fireball Pearl Earrings are stunning. Gorgeous metallic fireball perls with sterling silver chain tassels.

A lovely and unique design.

We take our amazing fireball pearls and dangle them with rhodium sterling silver.Tell us how you prefer to wear your fireballs!!

These earrings are big, bold and unlike anything you have ever seen.

Are these pearls really pearls? YES

Is this color natural? YES

Let me tell you, you have never seen pearls more beautiful than these! Last week we sold these stunning knotted necklaces. It is so challenging to find a full strand of these fireballs with the same fabulous mix of metallic colors. 

Meet The Pearl Girls Fireball Pearls! These pearls were plucked straight from the Yangtze River Delta! On the edges of the mighty Yangtze River, they are culturing amazing pearls. And we just scored some of the most beautiful ones! These are all natural colors an unlike anything I have ever seen! Read more on these beauties HERE!

The Most Amazing Pearls

The most important thing to know about these Fireball Pearls is that they just might be the most amazing pearls you have ever laid your eyes on. I'm telling you, do not buy these pearls if you do not like to draw attention to yourself. These earrings POP!!!!


We chose to make these on sterling silver so the pearl does all the talking! 

Stunning Luster

The luster in so stunning! And what are you going to tell your admirers about these beauties? They are similar to the Edison Pearls that we talked about last month; they have the same crinkle like surface quality. These pearls are cultured in the Yangtze River Delta, the overflows of a huge freshwater river. In fact, the Yangtze is the third longest river in the world. You may have seen ads for boat tours along this scenic River!

No, these pearls are not always this fabulous. The colors of Yangtze pearls range from mauve to blush but these Yangtzes are metallic. As if they have been dipped in gold. Their luster is out of this world. So, no, Yangtze pearls are not *always* this fabulous. The Pearl Girls found the best for you, of course!

Pearl Size

These pearls range in size from 14mm-16mm.

We are excited to offer single pearl necklaces fireballs while supplies last!





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