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Product Description

Look at this gorgeous mother of pearl that I picked up on my trip to Hawaii!

What I love about my trip is that I got to research the origin of pearls in Hawaii and the total lack of pearls available now. In fact, the native Hawaiians did not even care for pearls, they favored the inside lining of the shell better. Yes, the stronger and still beautiful mother-of-pearl held alot of appeal to them in adornment, art and in tools.

If you want to learn all of the info on pearls in Hawaii, check out my playlist on youtube here:

In the spirit of Hawaii, I met with a supplier while there and found some gorgeous pieces of mother of pearl. Besides being stunning beautiful, do you know what else I love about mother-of-pearl? It is perfect for the pool! Yes, we know pearls can be sensitive but mother of pearl is alot more durable! You don't have to worry as much about chlorine, sunblock and more... the items and chemicals that wear down the surface of pearls. The mother-of-pearl does not react as strongly to these chemicals! So, grab yourself a cute pair of earrings and wear them from the pool to the summer party! Prefer a necklace? Let us know!!




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