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All hail the queen!

Did you know South Sea pearls are called the Queen of Gems? Do you know what else is amazing... South Sea pearls over 12mm are valued much higher than their smaller counterparts. These beauties range between 12mm and 14mm! The last strand we sold appraised for three times what we sold it for! What an amazing deal!!

This is a stunning necklace, 18" long with these large (12-14mm) silvery white South Sea Pearls! The clasp is a large stardust. We knotted these on silk at The Pearl Girls in Athens, GA.

As you may or may not know, each year I take a trip to a new international pearl farm, and I bring an amazing group of people with me! You are welcome to join me on my pearl adventures, too! A few years ago we ventured to Indonesia to visit a South Sea pearl farm.

Needless to say the trip was absolutely amazing! And the pearls are stunning! South Sea pearls can be either silvery white or golden yellow. The pearl farm we visited specializes in the silvery white pearls. If you remember reading about my trip the The Philippines, they specialize in the golden South Sea Pearls.  The difference in these pearls and Akoya pearls is the tone and luster and the nacre is thick and robust, too! The are really stunning pearls and I have been loving the ones I bought for myself on the trip!

And now is a chance for you to own a South Sea pearl necklace!

South Sea pearls hail from Indo-West Pacific waters.:Indonesia, The Philippines and Australia. The oysters, named Pinctada Maxima, are huge and therefore are capable of creating very large pearls.

The pearls in this necklace come from the pearl farm in Australia!

Thanks so much! We LOVE that you are a pearl girl!



 The Details:

12mm - 14mm Silvery White South Sea Pearls


Hand Knotted on 100% Pure Silk Thread

Sterling Silver Satin Ball Clasp


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