Broken Turquoise Necklace

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Yes, we are a pearl jewelry business and we repair lots of broken pearl necklaces! But, we work with a lot of beads and stones, too! One customer reached out to ask about her broken turquoise necklace. Dear Pearl Girls, I have this necklace of turquoise pieces that broke several years ago (photo attached). Been […]

Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace - The Pearl Girls - 3

Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace

Our Repair Blog

I recently got this email from a customer interested in repairing her pearl and jade necklace. This is a very common question… “Can you do this…” More often than not, the answer is, “YES!” but keep the questions coming! And thank you for trusting us with your beautiful jewelry!! From A….. Hi, I have a […]