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What Is A Keshi Pearl?

Types of Pearls

I know many of you might be wondering… What is a keshi pearl? I am so excited to share more about these uniquely amazing pearls with you! But, first, here is a look at a couple of The Pearl Girls designs with Keshi pearls. The Flashy Splashy Earrings and Necklace offer a 9-10mm keshi pearl paired with a […]

Edison Pearls

Types of Pearls

The Culturing of Pearls So, those of you who have heard my spiel probably know it by now. But here is a very brief run down based on how I explain it in my history of pearls talk. The Japanese started culturing pearls in saltwater, they saw the value (accessibility, low cost, lower risk) involved […]


Freshwater Pearls versus Saltwater Pearls

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Freshwater Pearls versus Saltwater Pearls At The Pearl Girls we absolutely love freshwater pearls. Although we use some saltwater pearls in our pieces, we love freshwater because they are the closest rival to natural pearls. I know that some people misunderstand freshwater pearls. After Mikimoto started culturing saltwater pearls in the early 1900s, he tried […]