Pearl of A Queen

American Pearls, The History of Pearls

The Pearl of A Queen is the pearl that launched America’s passion for natural, American pearls. It all started in 1857 when David Howell, a shoemaker from Paterson, New Jersey went fishing for mussels in nearby Notch Creek and discovered several pearls. He was then joined by two local pearl hunters, Jacob and John Quackenbush. […]

Working with American Pearls

American Pearls

Working with American pearls is really one of the most exciting ventures I have embarked upon since starting The Pearl Girls five years ago. I started this pearl company because I wanted to offer gorgeous pearls at amazing prices to women in the U.S. I have traveled abroad (and continue to!), made great contacts and […]

American Pearl Farm

American Pearls

Welcome to the only remaining American cultured pearl farm in the continental U.S.A. India shares with you the state of American cultured pearls today and this pearl farms limitation to just tourism rather than actual commercial output.

John the American Pearl Diver

American Pearl Diver

American Pearls

Meet John, an American pearl diver and mussel diver based in Benton County, Tennessee. John shares his love of pearls and diving with us. Hear what John has to say in our video, Meet An American Pearl Diver. “It’s rough,” says John about the conditions of diving in the Tennessee River, “This morning I couldn’t […]

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Pearls are Underrated

American Pearls, Women Wearing Pearls

Yes! I love yesterday’s quote from Tiffany’s Executive Vice President, Jon King: “As jewellers we share the frustration that pearls are underrated. Pearls are beautiful and unique and have a rare quality.” In an interview with National Post’s Nathalie Atkinson, King pointed out how, “the tradition of pearls as a rite of passage has fallen […]

Want to Learn More About Pearls?

American Pearls

Freshwater versus Saltwater Pearls… The difference between freshwater and saltwater pearls can be quite confusing! Here is a talk I led clarifying the difference between these two different types of pearls. Along with this talk on freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls, I also lead presentations on the History of Pearls, How Pearls are Cultured, The […]