Bugs Bunny Finds A Pearl

The Art of Pearls
Bugs Bunny Finds A Pearl

Bugs Bunny finds a pearl in this hilarious clip from the Looney Toons.

Bugs Bunny Finds A Pearl Bugs Bunny Finds A Pearl with Daffy

I do not think I can say it enough, I absolutely love the portrayal of pearls in media. Pearls are always a treasure meant to bring excitement and riches to whoever discovers them. I absolutely love when Bugs Bunny finds a pearls and proclaims, “Hey, what do you know? A pearl.” He even pronounces pearl as puurl, which I have been accused of doing many times! Of course along comes Daffy Duck, who has just been cursed (and clearly shrunk) by a mad genie! “Mine, mine, you understand? All mine!” he screams in a squeaky voice. He then runs up to grabs the pearl. See the clip, Bugs Bunny finds a pearl, here:

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